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Wine Aerator (Black)

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Wine Aerator Premium Wine Pourer Decanter Spout for Aerating Wine Instantly Perfect Gift for Wine Lovers

AERATE INSTANTLY WITHOUT WAIT: The wine aerator has an inflation system with Bernouli effect to infuse the wine with the optimal amount of oxygen and double the value of your wine by simply pouring into glass. It definetly made your wine taste smoother and it cut down the bitterness of the aftertaste.
PERFECT GIFT FOR WINE LOVERS: It has ergonomically designed pouring spout for easier slow pouring. This wine aerator pourer will add a level of refinement to your entire wine drinking experience。It will make an great ideal gift for all wine lovers.
EASILY CLEAN: The wine pourer are made of high quality acrylic material. Please don't disassemble the wine aerator when cleaning, just put it in warm water and rinse it directly.
UPGRADE DESIGN AND FITS ALL: We redesigned the anti-drip rubber stopper and ensures the wine decanter pouring precisly without leeking and spilling.This effectively transforms any bottle of wine (yes, even old aged wines).