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Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser

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Automatic Soap Dispenser, Foaming Touchless Liquid Soap, Free for Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap,USB Charging Touch Free, Auto Infrared Motion Sensor Waterproof Pump for Bathroom Kitchen,340ml/11.5oz

Material and Caution: This soap dispenser is made of ABS + PET. Please do not fill hand sanitizer gel or alcohol into this machine. Not the same as the stain resistant steel dispenser, this pump only foams. Suitable for home, hotels, restaurants, kindergartens, schools, etc.
Motion Sensor: The non-contact liquid soap dispenser works with infrared motion detection technology to automatically dispense foam. No need to touch, rapid foam induction in 1.2 seconds. It effectively prevents the spread of bacteria, as well as being attractive for children to wash their hands frequently.
USB Charging: The automatic foam soap dispenser can be charged by USB. AA batteries are especially prone to corrosion. And the batteries need to be replaced regularly. While the foaming soap dispenser is more environmentally friendly and economical.
IPX4 Waterproof and Leak-Proof: The touchless foam soap dispenser adopts IPX4 waterproof design, which can effectively prevent soap or water from corroding the circuit board and prolong the service life of the dispenser. This automatic soap dispenser is extremely durable and is perfect for your bathroom, bathroom and kitchen. Don't worry about the water flowing into the soap dispenser.
High Volume: This reservoir of liquid hand soap holds a large 340ml capacity. Dilute soap and water 1: 5 to produce a rich lather. Can be used in soaps, dishwashers, shampoos, shower gels, detergents, etc.