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Silicone Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves 1 pair

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Heat Resistant Gloves for Temperatures Up to 999.0 ° F, Hand Protection for Cooking, Baking, Fireplace, Smoker, Broiling and BBQ, Fireproof Oven Gloves for Handling BBQs, Pots and Pans with a brush 

NO MORE SKIN BURNS: You shouldn't be playing with fire ... unless you have a pair of these heat resistant gloves. These kitchen gloves were specially designed to withstand extremely high temperatures up to 999 ° F so you can hold conspicuous hot items, work near a fire, and complete any strenuous task without burning your hands.
FOR ANY HOT ACTIVITY: Flame retardant gloves are a must have for everyone as they can be used for any hot activity in the kitchen or fireplace. Use them to hold hot pans and pots while cooking or baking, to safely grill your meat on your barbecue, to smoke meat or to make a fire for your fireplace without risk of burning your skin.
ULTRA COMFORTABLE DESIGN: Forget bulky and inconvenient mittens that are too difficult to wear. These heat resistant gloves have a comfortable design that will allow you to move easily and use your hands without restriction, while still being safe from high temperatures. The oven mitts also have a double-sided grip design with a non-slip silicone surface for maximum performance.
THE PERFECT FIT: Fire resistant gloves come in a size that can fit everyone. Its unique design will give you perfect flexibility and stability so you can hold anything and stay protected no matter how small or big your hands are. They are perfect for men and women, and are very light for maximum comfort.