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Quick-Dry Towel (Pink)

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Quick-Dry Towel, Towel for Sports, Workout, Gym, Yoga, Travel, Camping, 100% Microfiber Fast Dry Towel, Light Weight, Absorbent and Soft
Have you tried traditional cotton towels outdoors and gotten frustrated by how ineffective or overpriced they are for camping? 
More people choose the Qucik-dry towel because it is affordable, lightweight, absorbent and compact for the avid outdoor enthusiast. 
The patented microfiber cloth allows for durability with hundreds of washes while maintaining its soft and absorbent feel. 
As absorbent and soft as cotton in only a fraction of the space, to save precious space in backpacks. 

What Is Microfiber Towel? 
- Microfiber Fabric is a mix of 85% polyester and 15% nylon, which makes it with the characters of quick drying, lightweight, absorbent, compact, soft and multifunctional.You will get used to the new feel of microfiber fast and will love all the benefits they have. 
Meet Your Different Needs In A Variety Of Occasions 
Sports & Fitness: sweat/quick dry towel for gym, workout, yoga, running, swim, golf, boxing, bowling and ball games etc. 
Outdoor Activities: face/hand/bath/sweat towel for camping, hiking, backpacking, cycling, fishing, hunting, climbing, travel and beach etc. 
Daily Life: for bath, hair drying, kitchen cloth, dish towel, car wash, cleaning towel, dog or pet towel etc. 

Washing Tips 
Please wash your microfiber towel before first use; 
Wash separately the first 2-3 times as color may bleed; 
The washing temperature is controlled below 40 °C; 
Recommended hand wash, but also can machine washable; 
Suggest air dry. 

Features & details
FAST DRYING, ABSORBENT: 10X faster than usual towel, and microfiber fabric absorbs 7 to 9 times its weight in moisture. Quick-drying fabric has an performance in water absorption and diffusion, which can shorten the drying time of water. Refuse heavy towels. Nice touch & gentle on your skin. Good hygroscopicity and nice removal efficiency of dirties, easy to wash.
GOOD FOR SKIN CARE: 100% microfiber good quality microfiber made it totally smooth and compact, more soft on your skin. No plush and the resulting dampness stink. As a sun shade and a cape to protect your skin against the sun. Would be useful for all the year round.
SPECIAL DESIGN: Unlike the ordinary hanging loop, our towel can easily hang on any fitness machine, you don't have to worry about your towel having nowhere to put it. Velcro design allows you to fold more for different travel requirements.
LIGHT & COMPACT: The microfiber towel can be more than 2X lighter than the traditional cotton towel, while can be folded up at least 3X to 7X smaller than the cotton towel. It needs only take up very little space and you almost don't feel the burden of the increase when you tuck it into your travel bag, gym bag or backpack.