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Alcohol Wipes 50pcs

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These Alcohol Wipes make disinfecting a variety of surfaces simple and easy. They come pre-moistened so all you need to do is pull them out of the pack and you’re ready to get started. The wipes will kill up to 99.9% of bacteria from surfaces including keyboards, computer screens, glass, mirrors, non porous food surfaces and non-food surfaces.

Effective Cleaning: When you go out to shake hands with people, touch the door handles of public places, elevator buttons and other public items, take an alcohol wipe to wipe your hands to ensure that your hands are not polluted! Effectively build a health barrier for you!
ALCOHOL Saturated: Safety Saturated with Isopropyl Alcohol. The rubbing alcohol wipes are soft and comfortable. Make your life much healthier and fitter.
Portable Design: Soft pack with flip top lid helps keep wipes moist. And the large multipurpose cleaning wipes perfect for travel, home, party and so on.
Large Size Wipes: 18*14cm alcohol wipes, easy to clean large area. Great for adults, family and office.
Wide used:Suitable for cleaning keyboard, phone, office supplies, portable supplies, tableware, children's toys, etc. Perfect for use in offices, schools and home.