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POLA Growing Shot Glamorous Care Shampoo 370ml

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Made in Japan.

A shampoo that gives a moisturizing effect to the hair and scalp.
Spicy floral scent with citrus effect
Repairs hair damage and gives firmness
Contains hair repair ingredients and beauty ingredients. At the same time as repairing hair damage, it moisturizes the hair and prepares it for a beautiful, lustrous and firm hair.

Prepare a healthy scalp environment
Paula's original beauty ingredient that supports a healthy scalp environment. Powdarco bark extract is included. Moisturizes the scalp and prepares for a healthy scalp environment.
Pau D'Arco Bark Extract (Paula's original beauty ingredient)
An extract extracted from the bark of a large tree "Pau D'Arco" that grows naturally in the Amazon basin.
Makes glossy black hair
POLA Original Beauty Ingredient Contains black rice extract. Gives moisture and prepares shiny black hair.
Black rice extract (Paula original beauty ingredient) Extract extracted from black rice. Black rice is rich in protein and minerals and is said to have been presented to successive emperors in China.