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Marble Deep Stir-Fry Pan 30 cm (Green)

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Materials: Main body / Aluminum alloy (inner surface fluorinated resin coating processing, outer surface baking coating), beam bottom / stainless steel, handle / phenolic resin (heat-resistant temperature 150 degrees)
Color: green
Antibacterial printed makeup plywood Backside makeup finish

Size: Length 51.5 x Side 31.5 x Height 12 cm Depth: 8.5 cm

A deep and large all-purpose pot that can be made for 3 to 4 people. You can stir, boil, bake, and boil, but this can be done with one unit. The deep structure allows pasta to be boiled. The handle is dented so that it fits comfortably in the hand. Marble coating prevents burning.

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