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Kao Steam Warm Eye Mask Citrus 12 Sheets(Yellow)

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Kao Health Care Steam Warm Eye Mask,Made in Japan 12Sheets
Features & details
Warms up tired eyes with the steam hot eye mask. It heats up to around 40℃(104℉). The steam and warmth relax your eyes.
*Parallel import product, Japan local product, Japanese instruction
Cautions: Do not use if: 1) you have ailment or inflammation on eyes. 2) you have scars, swelling, or eczema on or around eyes.
WARNING: Do not use in microwave oven.
Comfort time has doubled (about 20 minutes) 
Compared with our previous product Eye mask that warms the eyes that kept working with comfortable steam. From the moment of attachment, a comfortable steam of about 40 ° C gently wraps important eyes and eyes. It's like a steam bath in the eyes. Unleashed from the tension of the day, I will loose from the back to the mood. It fits supple with a soft elastic eye mask.
Remove the eye mask from the bag, it becomes warm when opening it.
Tear off perforation and put on your ear.
Close your eyes while usingTemperature and duration may change depending on usage environment.
When the room temperature is low, it may be difficult to feel warmth.
Depending on the use environment, it may swell with steam, but you can use it as it is.

The Steam Warm Eye Mask is the savior for every hard worker out there. After a long workday or while waiting for your flight, simply put the mask on and relax for 20 minutes. The mask begin to warm up as soon as pouch is opened. Tear along the perforation and put the mask over your eyes. It heats up to around 40℃ (104F) and last for about 20 mins.
Computers, smartphones, tablets, television, have the effect of tiring our eyes everyday.Moreover using heating and air conditioning dry our eyes.
This mask will relax and rehydrate your eyes by diffusing a heat of about 40 ° Celsius for 20 minutes.
A real Zen moment to take care of your eyes while relaxing.Each mask is for single use to be used when needed.Practical thanks to its individual conditioning you will be able to bring it everywhere.Before use, read the precautions for use.