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Kao Curel Cleanser for Dry Skin 150ml

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Weakly acidic, gentle skin-friendly
Deep cleansing skin
Ceramide needed to replenish skin
Repairing the stratum corneum barrier
Prevent skin from getting rough and moisturize skin with smooth and moisturizing

Refreshing without tightness: weak acidity, no fragrance, no alcohol, pass sensitive test, no irritating skin, retain moisture and thoroughly clean dirt.
Protect ceramide from loss, ceramide can resist and protect external stimulating stratum corneum.
Contains oil and fat dissolved components, can absorb bacterial contaminants for deep purification, remove makeup and dirt without residue.
Add natural cleansing ingredients, completely remove the makeup and take away the dark dirt of the blackheads and pores.
Complete allergy experiment

Main ingredients: glycerin, propylene glycol, maltitol, amino acid, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, etc.

Product specifications: 150ml / bottle