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KANEBO ALLIE Extra UV Gel 90g+15g SPF50+PA++++

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Sweat, water, and fade resistant and enhanced with the friction proof feature.
A watery fresh gel with the 'double-proof' feature.
A 'double-proof' gel featuring a combination of the super water-proof feature protecting against sweat and water and the friction-proof feature protecting against friction and rubbing to achieve unfading effects. Containing essence ingredients, the gel has a rich and pleasant texture and will gently envelop the entire body with fresh feel.


How to use:
● For the face and neck: After toning the skin with skincare products, evenly spread and gently rub the product into the skin.
● For the body: Dispense a generous amount of the product in a line directly on the skin and evenly and gently rub it into the skin while drawing circles with the palms.
● Use a sufficient amount to ensure a reliable UV protection effect.
● Reapply the product frequently (especially when you rub your skin with a towel) to maintain its UV protection effect.
● Avoid direct contact between the product and clothes and accessories, and put on clothes after the product completely dries.
● Close the cap tightly after use.
<Recommended amount of use>
● For the face: about 1.2 cm in diameter. For the body: a sufficient amount as needed.
<How to remove the product>
● Thoroughly wash your face and/or body with your regular face wash and/or body soap.