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Bifesta Mandom Eye/lips Makeup Remover 145ml

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Bifesta Mandom Eye/lips Makeup Remover 145ml
The point makeup remover is formulated especially for delicate areas like eye zone and around lips. Removes even water-proof mascara and lipsticks.
It won't infiltrate your eyes since acidity is close to tear. No rinse-off necessary.
Made in Japan


Do not use if you have scars or rashes.
If you notice irritation or any other skin problems using this product, stop using immediately and consult a doctor. Symptom may get worse if you keep using it.
Do not store in an high/low temperature of in direct sunlight.
Rinse immediately if it gets into your eyes.
Keep out of the reach of children.
Features & details
Wipe off type
Contains moisturizing and cleansing ingredients that are gentle on eyelashes and keeps the skin around the eyes moisturized.
Patch and sting test completed.