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Yoga Pilates Ring 14in (Black)

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2-in-1 Yoga Pilates Ring for Fitness Training, Yoga, Toning, Exercise, Stretching, Home, Workouts, Gym, Pair Use Tone and Build Muscle: Get a complete workout that delivers results and elevates your fitness routine whether you're in a Pilates class or in your living room. By utilizing the resistance of the fitness ring, you will be able to sculpt problem areas like outer and inner thighs, upper arms, abs, and chest. Double-sided Pads: Sweat-resistant foam pads on the inside and outside of the resistance ring allow for a more comfortable and balanced weight loss workout. You can place the ring between your thighs and press down on the outer pads for a great thigh workout, or hold the ring with both hands in front of your chest and press down on the pads for an effective chest workout. GET A COMPLETE WORKOUT AND TONING: Dual padded non-slip handles provide maximum versatility to reduce lower back pain, aid surgery rehab, and build stronger muscles in abs, legs, arms, chest, glutes, obliques, and butt. Never Cracks or Breaks: Made of durable fiberglass with a rubberized outer sleeve, the ring won't permanently bend or crack. The fitness ring will always keep its shape and reshape in a circle even after the most strenuous exercises. LIGHTWEIGHT, PORTABLE: Perfect for travel it is low weight (ring is not steel) it lays flat and adds very little bulk. One of the essential Pilates accessories.