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10400 mAh Portable Charger

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Original price $16.00
Current price $6.99
Power bank, 2 USB ports portable charger 10400 mAh battery pack for mobile phones and more

Live freely with light power on your side;
Popular compatible devices;
All iPhone, iPod, iWatch and iPad models All Samsung GalaxY Kindle models , eReaders and Tablets LG, Sony, Microsoft, HTC, Motorola

Features and details
High quality, safer for longer.
The 10400 mAh charger capacity is more than enough for all days of travel that can charge your iPhone 7 for three times.
Charge any phone and tablet + a friends.
Keep a charger handy in case of emergency, through its use obtain information and emergency alerts or warnings from mobile or social networks.
With two USB ports rechargeable battery powers up to 2 smartphones or tablets at a time.